Poker – This Is Crazy

A few weeks ago, with under $40 in my bank, I figured my online poker days would soon be over. Then I made a small change to my strategy. All of a sudden, I can’t lose.

Very possibly this is just luck, or a run of good cards. Call it what you want. All I know is I have $146 to play with when I assumed I’d be tapped out!

I’m still down $104 since August, but considering antes paid in hundreds upon hundreds of games, this is just fine.

Can you tell I can’t get over it?

One thought on “Poker – This Is Crazy”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    I also had a similar experience on Pokerstars. I was down to my last $2.07, so I was relegated to playing in a 0.01/0.02 game. I got lucky and was able to build that to over $5.50 so I could join a sit & go. Since that low point I have amassed $107.00! Maybe it’s luck or maybe we are becoming better players … haha.

    Keep being conservative and keep winning!


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