Expect The Unexpected

I spoke to someone I’ve known for a long time today. We were close once. Our paths have gone in separate directions.

When you speak with someone like this on the phone, the first thing you try and do is catch up. How’s work? How’s your family? Are you in a relationship?

That’s when I found out for the first time she was gay. That sounds a little weird, only discovering this today, since I’ve known her a long time and even remember her dating a very nice guy. It was something she stumbled upon, out of curiosity. And, for her, it is the right thing.

I would have expected this kind of news to jar me a little. Maybe I’d have an “Oh my God” moment. I did not. In fact, there was nothing.

All I could think of was how happy I was she was in a relationship and how good being in a relationship is. I really don’t care that it’s with another woman, as long as that woman is good to her. It’s the same hope I would have were she in a relationship with a man.

As we continued to speak, I was worried I’d say the wrong thing. It’s easy to be trite – as I have proved on many occasions.

I’m not trying to sound accommodating or open or modern or liberal. I’m just saying, if I would have ever thought of this situation arising, I would have expected my reaction to be different.

I know there are gay people around me every day. Some say so, others hide it. I’ve always thought, if I were to know, I wouldn’t care… wouldn’t be judgemental. I’m glad, when I was totally surprised, that I did just that.

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