A Good Cell Choice?

Contracting for cellular service was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made. There are no really good choices, just a series of compromises. Everyone is offering something different. It’s nearly impossible to comparison shop. Each company has different coverage. None of the companies make full, easily understood disclosures of their coverage or limitations.

In many ways I’m reminded of the airline industry. They’ve made life so miserable for customers that, by and large, airlines are reviled. Meanwhile, the major carriers have made so many cuts that their one unique selling point against the low cost carriers – full service – no longer exists.

Back to the phones (airlines are too easy a target).

This morning, right under the masthead, The New York Times reported Vodaphone as the likely purchaser of AT&T Wireless. Bzzzzzzzzz – wrong. The ink had hardly dried on page one by the time it was announced that Cingular was buying AT&T Wireless.

Call me selfish, but this is wonderful news for me. My only real (current) complaint about Cingular is their coverage at home. AT&T, on the other hand, has a compatible tower within spitting distance of my house. So, I can only hope that the two networks are quickly combined and the green light on my phone starts blinking.

This is too easy. I’m missing something, I just know it.

2 thoughts on “A Good Cell Choice?”

  1. I can’t say I have a lot of good things to say about Cingular at the moment….I just switched over from Nextel. We were going to upgrade my husband’s plan to the 39.99 plan, add two phones with the family plan at 9.99 and have one for me and one for my 16 year old. Got the bill today, boy have they screwed it up. My bill came in at 394.00. I’m not looking forward to this fight with them! (And my phone is your famous LG4010.

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