I Love My Camera… But

My Fuji S602z is the best camera I’ve ever owned. It is versatile, and with the help of Photoshop, the pictures can be stunning.

Between Steffie and me (and it’s mostly the obsessive me) nearly 6,000 photos have been snapped with the camera. She mostly takes ‘in concert’ pictures, while I will snap anything moving… or stationary.

My photo gallery now has nearly 1,000 shots online.

It has amazed me to see how much I’ve learned about photography by shooting, and shooting, and shooting. The nearly instantaneous feedback of the camera helps reinforce what will and won’t work. For the first time ever, I can visualize how my shot will look as I’m taking it.

Yes, I’m a royal pain to those around me as I pause and point. Yes, Helaine has said, “All right Ansel, enough already.”

All this is meant as setup to the problem you see on the left. There is a red pixel which is constantly on. I noticed it first when Steffie returned from the Rick Springfield show this weekend. Looking back at pictures, it’s been there for a while.

Each picture is made up of a grid of 6,026,496 pixels. There are 2832 columns and 2128 rows. So, this one pixel is .000016599% of the total in the picture. Yet it’s driving me crazy.

Once you become conscious of it, it shines like a beacon. It’s low and toward the right of the frame, where you wouldn’t normally place subject matter. It makes no difference – it’s driving me crazy.

I went to Circuit City last night, where I bought the camera. They said I purchased it on March 14, 2003. I believe it has a one year warranty, so I’m in luck.

Of course they couldn’t print a duplicate receipt at the store. For that I called Circuit City, which means calling India (where the call center is located).

When I told Helaine I had spoken to someone in India, she said “How cool.” And the technology to do that is very cool. But, that’s a job that used to be performed here in the states. In fact, my dad used to supervise that type of operation right here in Connecticut.

I’m going to Chicago in a few weeks. By that time the receipt should be here. On my return I’ll send the camera to Enfield, CT and wait the 15-20 business days it will take.

Then, it’s bye bye red pixel.

One thought on “I Love My Camera… But”

  1. You share the obsession with your cousin. We have so many photos that we will be able to create a documentary about Max’s childhood. Hope all is well with you guys. Murray is sounding well, considering. We are hoping to coax him to us for a month or even more once he feels ok to make the trip.

    Love, Mom Fox

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