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Looking back at my $250 stake in online poker, I chuckle. It was supposed to be a small buy-in for a few weeks, maybe a month, of fun playing online. Here we are 7 months later – still playing.

We’ve been down as low as $40 a few times but we’ve bounced back. The big strike was a $300+ tournament win, no doubt. That was a nerve wracking tournament and a heck of a payout for $21 invested.

Every time I think I understand poker strategy, I change and do it differently. It’s possible that strategy is a fluid thing, and changing is what you have to do. Maybe I’m just placing to much credence in anecdotal evidence and being reactionary.

Recently, I’ve been successful, late in the single table tournaments I play most often, by playing possum – sitting back and letting others start betting when I have a powerful hand. That’s also called ‘slow play’ and is normally frowned upon as a strategy because you often let those without good hands catch the cards they need.

Helaine just played in a $10+1 tournament and placed 2nd. With that $27 payoff, we have gone over $500 in the bank. Now all I have to do is run down to Costa Rica to pick it up!

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