Phone Back – Website Gone

We got a call around 10:00 AM from a phone company technician. A squirrel had eaten through a few lines taking down 3 family’s service. After 19 hours, we’re back.

In other techno news, I woke up this morning to emails from my dad and others telling me my website had disappeared. In its wake was this lovely page saying, “Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.&#185″ It is not from the “How to Win Friends and Influence People” playbook.

Here’s what happened. I had been experimenting with a program to produce tide tables. It runs a ‘daemon’, meaning a continuous background process. I have just found out, that’s against my terms of service. The fact that this program used nearly no resources seemed to be besides the point.

It has been removed. I have been reinstated. Life’s never simple.

Hey – at least I was able to call them to begin clearing it up.

&#185 – After sending an email to hostforweb’s tech support, they have changed the message to be less draconian. A quick and correct solution.

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