Too Late For Snow

It’s snowing now, as I write this entry. There’s little wind, so I can watch the vertical path of the flakes as I look out the window.

My lawn is white as are the tree limbs. Some buds have started to form on the trees out front – and they’re covered too. The street and my driveway are wet, not white.

The bad news about March is, it can still snow. It was the middle of March that saw the greatest snowfall ever recorded in the Northeast, The Blizzard of ’88 (1888 that is).

Since the ground is warmer and the Sun higher in the sky, even a cloudy day can heat up road surfaces enough to melt what comes down… unless the snow is heavy and sustained. Then all bets are off. The snow preps the blacktop until it’s cold enough to allow accumulation.

We’re not there yet, and I don’t suppose we will be.

Still, these are giant economy sized flakes. Down on the lawn, the little piling up there is good packing snow – perfect for snowballs and building forts. There’s just too little of it to do anything.

This is a cruel snow, since it follows a tease of warmth. Being sick of the cold, I was ready. And now, at least temporarily, my hopes are dashed.

Yesterday, Los Angeles and San Diego went into the 90s. San Fransisco broke a long time recored getting well into the 80s. I’m jealous, very jealous.

Can’t we have just a teeny bit of global warming?

3 thoughts on “Too Late For Snow”

  1. Dear Geoff,

    You forgot to mention Ivy in your Bio!!! I love her! I have 2 Yorkies that are just as sweet as Ivy. And congratulations on 20 years at WTNH!!!!

    Your are the BEST BEST BESTEST Meteorologist in the whole world!!! Your are funny and personable, and I like that in people, not to mention extremely intelligent!! I was just emailing Ann, and telling her that I have watched WTNH news forever and that the only time I have switched to WFSB is when the Football Game is still on at 11):00 on a Monday Nite.!!!! I watch at 5, 5:30, 6:00 and 11:00, but I can’t watch anything but my coffee cup and ironing board at 6 am!!! I will always watch you guys!!! You make my day!!!! Best to you and the crew!!!


    Linda Fernandes

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