I Need An Editor

Here’s something I’ve noticed after all these months of writing. No matter how hard you like, how much you try, you can’t get all the errors off a page. I envy those who write and have an editor.

Each entry here is written and rewritten and then run through a spell checker. Then, usually, I read it again (the exception is when I write at my desk at work where I don’t have a spell checker that can be used on this site). I always find, and correct, errors.

Yet when I go back in time and look at something that’s been online for months, I can usually find more errors!

There is one thing I’m curious about, having seen itself manifested dozens of times. It would seem our brain thinks in sounds and not spelled words. For instance, in the paragraph above I had originally used ‘town’ where I meant ‘time.’ These are two words that are similar in sound.

There’s probably already research germane to my discovery – but to me it’s a revelation.

Maybe there’s a good freelance business for someone who will proofread and edit the online work of others?

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