My Ode To Winter

This essay was written for the New Haven Register and will be published Friday March 19, 2004 in their Op-Ed Section.

Spring arrives Saturday morning at 1:42 AM. It’s about time. I can

5 thoughts on “My Ode To Winter”

  1. I just have to comment. I read your stories daily and I find them fun to read but I just have to say. I LOVE WINTER. I was bummed that we didnt get much snow. I was hoping for the 9-10 inches but living in Groton this time of year I know its difficult. I guess I will have to live with the 3 inches we got. I love all 4 season but winter and fall are my favorite. Thanks for reading and dont worry im sure spring will be here son hehe. Rian Sprissler

  2. Geoff,

    You are ready for retirement.

    I hate winter too but in this entry you made hating winter into an art form.

    Time for you to head to Florida.

    Just kidding. We in CT would miss Geoff’s



  3. *raises handwith head down* I am one of thsoe winter loving folks too. Can’t help it. Grew up in Rochester. It’s in the blood. Don’t get me wrong I love all FOUR seasons. And I was giddy the other day when I started seeing the yellow crocus popping up in my front yard. Ofcourse now they are covered with 4 inches of snow.

    Hang in there, Geoff. You will get your spring!

  4. Hey geoff

    I like the four seasons here in Ct. Though my brother Jesse has it made. He’s stationed on the USS Chicago SSN 721 in Hawaii. Though I hear it’s warm all year round and it’s beach weather over their too. Maybe it’s time to fly south or to Hawaii for the winter like the the ducks do. Though the beast weather, I think in Ct is Spring Summer, Fall and Winter.

  5. Geoff,

    I read your blog from time to time and I had to make a comment on this one. Brace yourself…

    I think you’re overdoing the nastiness of this winter a bit. Yes, it was cold in January, but February was near normal, and so far March has been about 4 degrees above normal in Hartford. We’ll have to be very cold for a while to get well below normal for March.

    As for snow, all of Southern New England is within a few inches of normal for the season. Have you already forgotten 95-96? THAT was snowy.

    You poke fun at Californians for canceling school due to rain. The average resident of Upstate New York would keel over laughing at some of the snow storms we get excited about.

    Oh, and spring starts at 1:49 AM.

    Of course, a mid-winter trip to Florida may have distorted your perspective.

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