Rebuilding At Work

I was on vacation last week – trying to spend as much quality time in pajamas as was humanly possible. Today, I’m back at work and things have changed!

The station is undergoing a number of significant projects, all at the same time. The newsroom’s computer system has been updated. That’s probably good in the long run. Unfortunately, for the next few days… or few weeks, we will see errors common with new systems. They’ll probably be more obvious to us, behind the scenes, than to the audience. Still, you want backstage action to be smooth.

We’re also putting in a brand new set over a new studio floor. Most of the floor project was done last week and the week before. It is a beautiful, shiny, acrylic top to our poured concrete studio floor. It will look sharp. But, like most thing that are solid black and shiny, it will show dirt and need daily attention.

I’m not sure what the finished set will look like. I’ve seen plans, but am having trouble visualizing it. Since most sets are centered around desks which sit four, there is a certain amount of similarity. Those who understand more clearly what’s going on say, it will look great.


In the meantime, I have been thrown out into the newsroom with a desk placed at the end of a few other desks in much the same way an extra chair is added to a table of four in a restaurant. I’m used to working in the studio, which is fairly quiet most of the time. It’s strange for me to hear people talking and kidding around while I work. I have to resist the urge to say shhhh.

In a week or so, I’ll be back in the studio. I’ll try and remember to bring the camera and get some shots.

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