It’s the Artsy Me

My job affords me a lot of interesting opportunities. I’ve just been invited to host the Asbury Short Film Festival program in New London.

This is a night of films you never hear of, except on the night of the Oscars. They’re short films, experimental films, films with no possible chance of profitability. It sound intriguing.

I had two concerns. First, this is a moneymaking organization (though the films themselves aren’t). Normally, I only appear for charities or service organizations. I thought I’d make an exception because it is such an out of the ordinary event – something you seldom see in SE Connecticut.

My second worry is content. I’d hate for someone to show up because they saw my name, thought it was fine, and then were shocked by the movies. I looked at what I was promised was the most ‘racy’ of the films. It was very funny, though certainly not for kids.

So, I look forward to seeing the films in New London. Even if I don’t see you there, I’ll let you know my opinion of what was on the screen.

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