I Killed the Penguin

Last night, I was looking at this computer, somewhat satisfied in how I had configured it. It was working pretty well – though I still haven’t finished optimizing the video system.

I had read about Gimp 2.0, a new version of an old PhotoShop-like program, and decided to try it out. Often with Linux there are specific packages put together to suit individual distributions – for instance Mandrake Community 10 on this PC. But, there’s no package for me, yet.

I was about to quit my pursuit when I read this on the Gimp site:

If you cannot find a pre-compiled package of GIMP 2.0 for your system, you can build and install the GIMP from the source code. This is not that hard, so don’t be afraid and give it a try.

Who wrote that? Where is he? How can I break his neck?

I attempted to install package after package, each failing in its own individual way, but pointing to a pre-existing condition that could be corrected which would fix everything. And, of course, each time I fixed one thing, it revealed another.

Finally, it got to the point where a certain installation of one system was holding up the entire show. I would mention what that system is, but I am too embarrassed to mention it in front of the Linux aware. Let’s just say I thought it would be a good idea to uninstall it and then immediately reinstall it to fix the problem.


Without thinking I had gutted my system. Some of it worked, but most did not – including the easy ability to recover the missing pieces. I was distressed.

I went to bed and told Helaine I had a fight with the penguin… and though he won, I had mortally wounded him.

This morning, I totally reinstalled Mandrake Community 10. In the meantime, some of my ability to update and correct this installation has been removed as Mandrake changed their directory structure in midstream!

I am older and wiser and wary of the penguin.

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