I Envy People Who Can Really Open Up

I love writing in this blog, but there are times… sometimes days at a time, when the things that interest me are things that I can’t write about – or won’t write about. It would be inappropriate to talk about my family’s private business or certain things at my job.

People have come to me saying they understand more about me, or what I’m about, by reading this. Yet there is so much I have to leave out.

Great writers let it all hang out. They talk about anything and everything and let the pieces fall where they may. I think that’s part of being a great writer – the ability to write without fear of consequence.

I’m envious.

Great writers often write about the unthinkable. In fact, they have to think the unthinkable. I wouldn’t have the guts to even write some of the outlandish, sadistic, scenarios portrayed in some books and movies… and then claim those ideas originated in my mind!

Maybe some day. Right now, this blog is a pale, self censored version of what’s going on.

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