The Sun Returns

I am writing this now as a reminder. Sometime in the future we will again experience an extended period of gloomy weather. Loads of people will become depressed and blue.

All it took today was some afternoon sun… granted full sun from a cloudfree sky… and moods brightened. It was astounding to see. Three days of heavy rain, forgotten in an instant.

There’s no doubt weather is a huge facotr affecting our attitude toward life in general. Maybe this means the best time to ask for a raise, or to try and obtain something you want, would be when the weather is fine. Today, this makes perfect sense.

One thought on “The Sun Returns”

  1. You know, it’s very similar in regard to temperatures. During the cold, blustery days of the Winter, we all wish for some warmth and get excited when 70s and 80s appear on the forecasts. When the summer comes along though, it all seems to be too hot, and we long for a bit of a cooling.

    It’s hard to win, isn’t it?

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