New Spring Promo

There’s a part of my job which is interesting, if only because of how unusual it is. To a certain extent, I (and the other people on-the-air) am the product.

I don’t want to downplay the fact that we present news, weather and sports – and in that, viewers come to fill a need. Still, there is a significant portion of any television station’s audience that watches because they like, or trust, or feel comfortable with the people on the screen.

So, it’s not entirely wrong to say, we are to the TV station as shoes are to a shoe store (or any other similar analogy you’d like to make).

To me, that makes the manner in which we are promoted very important. And, that’s why I’m really happy with a new promo, featuring me, that I saw for the first time tonight.

Some of the promo was taped months… and about 20 pounds… ago in our studio. Other portions were taped at an appearance I made recently in Prospect. The words are my own and were ad libbed.

I am pleased because the promo’s producer chose to use something I said which defines me in an honest way. It’s also a side of me I’d like viewers to see.

If you’d like to watch, it’s posted here and will stream if you have a high speed connection.

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