Managed Care Hell

I take Lipitor for my cholesterol. Since I have been taking it (and before Lipitor, Baycol) I have had to have a blood test every six months or so. It seems these good drugs can also ruin your liver.

For the longest time I have gone to a small lab which is on my way to work. The people there are nice. They know I am petrified. They try to be gentle.

You would think after years of being stabbed and having a small vial or two of blood drawn, I’d be used to it. I am not.

Within the past year or so, our insurance coverage vis-a-vis the labs has changed. Now I have to go elsewhere if I want any coverage – and even the coverage I have doesn’t kick in until I’ve spent $250 in a year.

But where to go?

I couldn’t find the providers on the insurance company’s website, so I called and was walked through by their customer service person. Voil

One thought on “Managed Care Hell”

  1. Geoff…..I’m surprised….Quest [QDML] Is a pretty big company. They have a branch like McDonalds [at least one in every neighborhood]… I usually don’t have any medical issues which require a lab, but $250??? Lab services are a low-cost thing to cover compared to some services…I’m surprised…

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