Poker Turns Bad

Poker fates can change quickly. From $200 up, we have fallen below even. It’s taken no more than a week.

It has been a week marked by bad beats. I’ve lost with Aces. I’ve lost with Kings (more than once). I’ve lost to players who had no business going in, but caught a wildly lucky card to make an improbable hand. I’ve had flushes lose to full houses… or better flushes.

And, I’ve also lost, at least once, by playing stupid. Helaine watched as I did that one.

It is important in a situation like this to keep from going into tilt… letting your emotions guide your play in too aggressive a manner. It’s easy to do that in a situation like this. After all, you just lost to someone who played bad cards!

The first thing I’m going to do is play for lower stakes. There’s not much difference in skill.. but there is some. I want every advantage I can find to try and rebuild my stake.

We’ve been playing on the same money since August. But now, our original $250 is $222.86.

Unfortunately, in poker as in life, being lucky is much more important than being skillful.

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