Time for Finals

For a bit less than 2 years, I have been a student at Mississippi State University. At age 53, I am taking the meteorology courses I should have finished years ago. I am doing it more for the certification than to learn new concepts.

It’s fun to tell people I go to Mississippi State. They always ask how – whether it’s online? The explanation is little more complex.

Courses are presented on DVD and videocassette. I contact teaching assistants and take my tests on the Internet. Some tests are timed, some are not. Sure, they’re open book – but it would be awfully tough to try and do this without doing the coursework… or at least most of it.

It’s been a really long time since I went to school and it didn’t take long to remember what made me such a bad student the first time around. I am disorganized. I am a procrastinator. On the other hand, I am 35 years older than when I first went to school and so I force myself to complete the assigned tasks.

I have been successful as a student, so far, with A’s in all my courses. Still, each time I face a quiz or test I sweat just a little.

Tonight, I was messaging with a friend who is a year behind me at MSU.

(20:20:56) jeff: 98 on geo

(20:21:23) Geoff : They graded it before it was due?

(20:21:38) jeff: yeah sometimes this chick will do that — but you gotta e mail her for it

(20:21:47) Geoff: It is due tomorrow, right?

(20:21:54) Geoff: **** – I’m panicking

(20:21:55) jeff: yeah — well tomorrow at noon

(20:22:01) Geoff: ok

(20:22:08) Geoff: my heart was beating fast

(20:22:11) Geoff: Mazel tov

(20:22:37) Geoff: But you scared the living **** out of me

In many ways, I’m glad we didn’t have Instant Messenger in he 60s.

2 thoughts on “Time for Finals”

  1. Ah yes, procrastination is what I’m far too good at these days. If it makes you feel any better, almost everyone I know is a procrastinator as well – it must be a teenage trend. Hopefully I’ll be more motivated with my online meteorology course this Summer, but that could be asking a bit much, considering that it will be Summer.

  2. Great post Geoff!! I took my Thermo exam on Friday morning. I just wanted to be rid of that class! No more school for me until next summer (2005) when I take Weather Prediction II. Enjoy!

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