My Eyes

Last night, I told Helaine were eyes were finally feeling better. I spoke too soon. This is really driving me nuts. And, there doesn’t really seem to be anything I can do to make them better. The hot compresses, drops and lash washing are just temporary fixes.

I was speaking tonight to the American Chemical Society. I know, while I was at the podium, I was blinking like crazy. Ugh!

I hope it will soon be over. It has been a seasonal thing in the past. Of course, as they say in financial ads, past performance is no guarantee of the future.

There is one thing these eye problems have taught me. There are muscles that control your eyelids and they are subject to the same fatigue and stress that any other muscles undergo. Isn’t that weird? I have shut my eyes just to relieve the strain – and it works.

I can’t wait to get home and get this temporarily under control for the night.

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