Up the Creek Without a Paddle

I really shouldn’t be up right now. The alarm goes off at 8:30 AM – the middle of the night for me. I’m scheduled to go kayaking with my friend Kevin on the Bantam River in Litchfield County.

Kevin had been talking about kayaking all winter. Once the weather began to show signs of warming up, he was on the water.

It really sounds like fun, but I’m not in great physical strength. Yes, I’ve been on the treadmill, but my arms have been used primarily to keep me from flopping off the back!

I expect to:

1) fall in

2) come back without the ability to move my arms

3) cut, scrape or bruise something vital

Maybe I’ll do all three!

I’d like to take digital photos – and maybe that will be possible from the shore – but nothing that can’t live with water is coming in the kayak with me. OK – maybe I’ll find a ziploc bag for the cellphone. Necessities are necessities.

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