Getting Excited About Vacation

Every summer, we go to Las Vegas. I know – Vegas in July – how wise a weatherman can I be? The temperature is often right around 120&#176! But, we love it nonetheless.

I have the details of last year’s trip available on line.

This year we’re going with another couple and their daughter, who is around Steffie’s age. My parents will also be there, along with my sister and brother-in-law, my Cousin Michael from California, and his wife and young son. Whew!

Helaine is incredibly organized, and on a vacation like this, that really pays off. She has already gotten some show tickets and has worked on our logistics, including the car rental.

Every year when we go, Helaine brings the sheet from the computer which lays out our reservation. Astoundingly, what the rental company has and what we booked are often different. The difference is never in our favor!

Helaine’s dedication to task has gotten us one ‘luxury’ that I would have never even thought of. She always asks for, and receives, line passes for dinner. I know that sounds like a small thing, but some of the dinner sites at the Mirage can have huge, long lines. This pass gets you in first! Wow.

We’re staying at the Mirage again . This year, they’ve added high speed Internet access. That’s a good thing, because I like posting to the blog and putting photos in my gallery. They’ve also redone their buffet. The Mirage Buffet has always been a favorite, but now it’s new and improved. Well, I’ve been told it’s improved. Whether it is or not will be an opinion I’ll form later. It’s certainly going to be more expensive.

I have threatened for the last few years to take a day and drive to the Grand Canyon. It’s just far enough to make a one day drive doable – though with some difficulty. Maybe this will be the year. My parents have never been. It is an experience everyone should have at least once. It’s so majestic that words cannot prepare you for what you’ll see.

I’m also looking to spend a lot of time playing poker. The past few weeks online haven’t been very good, though we’re still up over $300 over the past 9 months. I felt so in control at Foxwoods a few weeks ago that I am anxious to play ‘live’ again.

It’s still nearly two months away – but I’m excited already.

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