Which Email to Believe?

Here’s why my job is so strange. I got these two email within moments of each other this afternoon:

Hi Geoff! I think one of the main reasons I watch your news station, is that I get such a kick out of you! …Poor Ann, keep on ragging on her, it is fun and she is a good sport.

You definitely make that show!

Keep your great humor.


(name removed), RN

Nice. Who wouldn’t want a job where you get email like that?

Until I got this:

EmailTo: geoff@wtnh.com


FormName: Geoff Fox, Storm Team 8

Street Address:



EmailAddress: me@geofffox.com



Zip Code:

Comments: you are a, total anal moron; and a real meathead

Our web forms allow viewers to insert any email address they’d like… and he inserted mine. Since he knows my ‘personal’ email address, it’s obviously someone I’ve written back to in the past.

It pleases me to see emails like this almost always come with poor spelling or punctuation or both. And, it doesn’t bother me – because regardless of how he feels, he’s still watching, isn’t he?

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