Timing Is Everything

It is said, “In comedy, timing is everything.” That might be the reason why great comics make great actors. On the other hand, great actors are usually lousy comics.

Often, good timing is rehearsed and perfected. At other times, the timing is right because the person delivering the line is sharp, quick and a little lucky.

That’s what happened on-the-air, a few nights ago during the weather. I didn’t deliver the line – nor do I deserve any credit. This demonstration of perfection in timing belongs totally to Mary Ellen Buschman, our floor director.

You can play the video by clicking here.

One thought on “Timing Is Everything”

  1. My husband and I were cackling when we saw that segment the other night. We also used our DVR to see you disappear again when someone obviously keyed wrong and you popped out of the image in front of the map. Your face was perfect and you didn’t miss a beat!

    Seems to me like you guys have a lot of fun!

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