Making Heads or Tails of Google’s Adsense

A week ago I added ads to this website. It’s no big deal. The ads were easy to enable and match the visual style of the site in general. I got one objection, but even he said OK when I explained the ads could pay the entire hosting cost of this site.

So far, I have made $5.32! Please, no loan requests.

Google won’t say, and I can’t figure out how they come up with the numbers. Last Sunday I got one click. It was worth a nickel. The next day one click was worth 22&cent. I’ve seen clicks that were valued at over 30&cent apiece.

Google doesn’t tell me who is clicking what, so I have no idea which clicks are valuable and which are duds. Today I have gotten three clicks. Google says they’re worth nothing!

If I knew which traffic was most important, would I change the website? No. Still it would be fun to know what drives the commerce engine on the Internet.

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