Less of Me is a Good Thing

I have been dieting for months now. It hasn’t been easy and I haven’t been 100% dedicated – but I’ve been very good. The first week the weight just fell off. As time progressed my weight loss slowed down. For the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve been pretty much stuck at 176. Sometimes it’s a pound up, sometimes a pound down.

I have been told, probably a million times, I shouldn’t weigh myself every day. Good luck. Of course I weigh myself. I want instant gratification. And, it’s distressing that there’s so little of that now. Still, I’m dedicated to task.

It’s likely that I’m at my lowest weight in 10 years, maybe more. Getting married and having Helaine cook on a regular basis was my first step toward putting on weight. After Steffie began to eat solid food, she often would eat less that was served. As a good daddy, I finished it for her!

I discovered the Atkins Diet four years ago. My first time on, I got pretty close to where I am now. Then, of course, I went off and porked up. It’s a diet, after all, not immunization against weight gain.

Though I haven’t been as consistent as Helaine would like me to be (and as always, she’s right), I have been spending time on the treadmill. I don’t think it’s made any difference in the weight loss program. It is probably making me healthier – though when I’m done walking/running I do feel like I’m going to die.

Recently I’ve gotten some email from viewers commenting on my weight loss. Even my mom who only gets to see me on the streaming Internet forecasts on my station’s website, noticed it and commented. This is all very encouraging.

If you know someone who’s on a diet – let them know you notice. It really helps.

What has made the diet so much easier now is the addition of low carb wraps at Subway. Hey – I don’t want to do a commercial for these folks, but they have definitely been a huge factor for me. I buzz over to our local Subway and Dave makes me a Chicken – Bacon wrap with double chicken. It’s very filling. I have him load it up with all the veggies they have (which adds some carbohydrates that I shouldn’t be getting and aren’t calculated in their 8 grams of carbohydrates claim).

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