Major Cellular News

Tonight, while at work, Steffie IM’ed me. That in and of itself is nearly startling. Surely she wanted something!

I was wrong. Steffie had IM’ed to let me know we suddenly have cellular service – and with a reasonably good signal.

I flipped my phone open and watched the signal strength as I drove up the hill and into our driveway. What had been non-existent was now just fine. The display on my phone read “Cingular Extend” meaning we were hitting an old AT&T site, as I had expected (just not as soon as I expected).

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will I leave my phone on 24/7? Will I carry it in the shirt pocket of my pajamas during the day, before work? Will our landline phone suddenly become lonely?

All I know now is it works. And hopefully that will continue.

2 thoughts on “Major Cellular News”

  1. As you know, we no longer even have a landline. Love it. Much easier and fewer disturbances during dinner. No marketing calls.

    Getting excited for Vegas, you?

    Love, M

  2. Congrats…love to say it… we were just rated #1 by the independent company, and we’re gearing up for a big advertising run…

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