Today’s Amazing Discovery

My driver’s license is up for renewal. Normally, in a situation like this, I go to the unfriendly cinder block building run by the DMV on the Hamden/New Haven line. Then I wait.

Insert shot of twiddling thumbs here.

There are interestingly scowling signs hanging from the walls and ceiling, each telling you what you can’t do, or where you shouldn’t be. It is the antithesis of a posh, private club.

Last night, between watching replays of The Screen Savers of G4TechTV and playing poker, I went to the DMV’s website. Since my license expires on the 26th of next month (my birthday), I wanted to make sure it could be renewed this early.

As it turns out, there’s plenty of fudge factor in renewing early, so that was no problem. Then I discovered the mother lode of DMV knowledge – you don’t need to go to the DMV to renew! As long as you pay by check or with cash, you can renew your license at AAA.

I couldn’t believe it. It sounded too easy, too hassle free. After all, Motor Vehicle Departments nationwide are reviled for their lack of service. AAA on the other hand is a commercial venture, trying to please customers.

It was everything I thought it would be. I was in and out in under 5 minutes with a new driver’s license in hand,

Later tonight I’ll post the old and new license photos. I’ve changed over the last five years, as has the DMV’s method of doing business.

One thought on “Today’s Amazing Discovery”

  1. AAA — Yeay…

    I used the AAA in March, and it took less than one minute. Then I went to the DMV the following week, and they lost my new license. Thank goodness for commercialization.

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