Driver’s License Photo

I almost forgot to do this. The two photos are from my past and current driver’s license respectively.

There seems to be a huge difference in the width of my face, and I would have attributed it to my diet. After all, 25 pounds should be noticeable. Then I started playing around with them in Photoshop with the intention of having them as close to one another as possible to allow a good comparison.

After lots of scrutiny, I think the old style license photo was actually distorted in the horizontal – probably inadvertently programmed that way. Maybe the person who wrote the code didn’t properly use the horizontal vs. vertical ratio of the digital camera.

I remember having the operator take my picture a few times when I got it four years ago. Unlike most people, I’m very used to seeing what I look like on camera. It just looked wrong.

What was I thinking with the hair in 2000?

Whatever the case, I’m covered now until 2010.

Blogger’s note: I wasn’t sure whether ‘drivers’ needed an apostrophe before the ‘s’ or not, so I looked at the license itself. It is actually called a Driver License – singular, non-possessive. But, that just sounds so weird.

2 thoughts on “Driver’s License Photo”

  1. I noticed that it’s just called a “Driver License” now as well. I could swear that it had been either “Driver’s License” or “Drivers License” in the past though….

    And those old pictures from 4 years ago were pretty bad, even though my current one (taken last year) makes me look like an axe murderer!!

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