They’re Bailing

First it was my sister and brother-in-law leaving, on Friday night it was my parents. Helaine, Steffie and I decided to take another trip to The Bellagio with them. Forget the casino, Bellagio is a destination in itself (and I say forget the casino only because I’ve never done well playing poker there).

Las Vegas Boulevard was moderately crowded. Friday night means the LA crowd returns. Still, it wasn’t anything like what we saw when we got here on the 5th.

We parked the car and walked into the hotel. Our destination was the Conservatory. This large space, with glass paneled roof, is constantly planted in seasonal motifs. Right now, it’s pretty patriotic for the 4th of July.

Some of what they do I like. Some, I don’t. I specifically don’t like the attempts to create people from flowers. It just looks too contrived for me – as if a molded body was pasted with flowers.

On the other hand, the individual flower plots – large expanses of one flower – are beautiful. And there’s not a blemish or spot on any petal or leaf.

Within a few of these plots are ‘fountains’. The actual nozzle is buried beneath decorative rocks, which allows the water streams to appear from nowhere. A dozen or more of these streams are intricately choreographed to music – much as the fountains outside. In this case, because of the shorter streams, the coordination between water and music is much tighter.

Dinner was at the caf

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