Tough Ending

This will probably be my last entry before returning home. I’ll write a little while on the plane and probably post that late Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Remember the drunk guy I wrote about a little earlier? As it has been told to me, he went to one of the poker bosses and said he wanted a buffet comp. After all, he had lost $800 playing poker (a ridiculous amount for an afternoon at $3/$6. You have to work very hard to do that kind of damage).

When he got to the buffet he found out the comp was for $15. That didn’t cover the entire buffet.

He stormed back across the casino floor toward the poker room yelling all the way. Helaine, who was at blackjack, saw him coming and wanted to duck under the table. He was restrained by security. We can assume he’s sleeping it off somewhere.

I went back to poker tonight and ended up my trip by losing! The final hand was Aces and 5s against 3-10s. End of story.

Now I am off to find someone who will go online for me and print out my boarding passes. We’ll see if the hotel will cooperate.

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