The Stalker Tour Continues

Helaine and Steffie went to Westbury, on Long Island, last night. Rick Springfield was playing. Actually, it was a double dip, with the concert and an invitation to the sound check that precedes the show.&#185

Helaine has been very active on his “Street Team,” promoting his current album. It’s good to have fans so dedicated – and he has hundreds at this level and probably thousands more without quite as much zeal or free time.

I can’t begin to count how many times Helaine and Steffie have driven (or flown) to see him, but it’s a lot. It was good to see them go together. It was better to see them return afterward, still speaking to one another.

Steffie has taken to borrowing my camera when she goes to shows and shooting as many photos as are humanly possible. Her technique is excellent. Like most photographers she tends to center the subject instead of filling the screen with it. But she’s learning with every picture she takes.

The one that heads this entry is hers, though I played around with Photoshop to make it a little more ‘artsy’.

This afternoon after the sound check was over they called to tell me Rick had asked if I was there. Last time through Connecticut, I had interviewed him for our weekend show. I guess he remembered.

He was either being friendly or trying to pick up my wife. Since Steffie was there to chaperon, I’m guessing friendly.

He’s appearing this weekend in Atlantic City and, amazingly enough, we’ll be there. While Steffie and Helaine see the show, I’ll be trying out the poker room at the Borgata. Both the hotel and poker room are supposed to be “Vegas-like.” I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, if Rick asks for me Friday night, I’ll be available.

&#185 – Since a sound check is a technical rehearsal, you are likely to hear things like the steady, slow, Roman slave ship speed, beat of the drum. It’s possible to hear 10 – 15 minutes worth of that single boom… boom… boom.

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