It’s Bank One – Again

I went to buy something online today. It was a significant purchase, but a fraction of my credit limit. This is our primary credit card account. It’s an account that is paid in full promptly every month and always has been.

The purchase was declined by Bank One, the card’s issuer.

I picked up the phone and spoke with Mary Ann at Credit Card Central. They saw a large charge and declined it because it was on the Internet.

OK – but why not call me? Her answer (and it’s one I’ve gotten before so I know it’s in the standard answer book there at Credit Card Central) had to do with the fact that they’ve got millions of customers.

Let me see if I’ve got this right. Because they have so many customers, my little speck of an account isn’t important enough to get any attention. Great. That is one of the most insensitive customer unfriendly responses it’s ever been my pleasure to receive.

Isn’t this why I pay a yearly fee (which is on top of whatever they get from the merchant and interest I might pay)? She then told me most customers call. So, in essence, I’ve been assigned a no pay job by Bank One.

They have both my phone number and email address. Sending an email notice in a situation like this would be appropriate and virtually cost free to them. Phoning me would be better.

Instead of jumping to conclusions (and based on my experience these conclusions are mostly wrong), why not check with me?

Here’s what Bank One doesn’t know, or doesn’t care to know. When my card was declined, the website notice didn’t ask me to call my bank. It asked me to use another card – and my guess is most people do just that.

This card is tied to Southwest Airlines which, in my opinion, has the best frequent flyer program going. For that reason I’m keeping it. Unfortunately, this is a pain in the butt – and it’s not the first time. At least this is better than being declined in person.

Oh – after my phone call the purchase was approved.

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  1. Citi cards are nicer….I was online making a purchase last night and I received a call from Citi card this morning. It was a recording, but was simple and to the point…..It stated “we have seen that a large purchase was made via phone or online. If the purchase is valid, then thanks; but if not, please call thier 1-800–number.

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