Helaine and Steffie have gone to Boston for the night so I am alone. The house gets very quiet.

I’ve spoken with both of them on the phone. They saw the concert and had a great time. I know there’s a filthy anology I could use… but the worst Rick Springfield concert they’ve seen has been amazing. They’re rabid fans.

Steffie seems to think the camera worked well. She only has the small LCD on the back to look at, so she can’t be sure. She commented on the clearer, crisper viewfinder on the new Canon. I’m glad she likes the camera.

There’s a certain comfort I get when they’re here – even when I’m awake and they’re not. That’s missing.

I’m not very different when they’re gone, but I am different. I leave lots of lights on, and wait much longer before changing my clothes after work. I watch TV in bed, often showing no willpower in keeping it on long after it should be off.

Tomorrow, as they’re on their way home, I’ll move through the house trying to undo anything I’ve done, putting things back in place.

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