They’re Back

Helaine and Steffie returned early from Massachusetts. I was surprised, even midday Saturday, they suffered through 20 miles of stop and go traffic for no apparent reason. Once they EZ-Pass’ed into Connecticut things opened up and they were soon home.

The first thing Steffie wanted to do was look at the photos. I think this camera has a slower USB port than the Fuji. It took a really long time for the 150, or so, photos to move to my hard drive.

There is a noticeable difference between this and the Fuji. The photos seems clearer and sharper. They’re also shot at a different ratio of vertical to horizontal.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t want to see was there – noise. It’s really not all that noticeable until you zoom in to 100%, looking at each pixel individually. It won’t show unless the picture is really enlarged before it’s printed.

My friend Lou had recommended a tool, a plug-in to Photoshop, which would make the noise more manageable. He was right. The difference is amazing. But there are trade offs. Some of the sharpness in objects is missing. Even so, the tool is worthwhile. The after is better than the before.

While Helaine sat and watched, I took one of the pictures at random, ran it through the noise filter, adjusted the levels, removed lens distortion and re-sharpened it. I don’t think anyone would have looked at the finished version and gasped at its artistry. But next to each other, the improvement that just a few seconds in Photoshop provided was easily seen and made quite a difference.

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  1. Not sure where the girls came though Mass, but there was an Air Show going on in Chicopee, MA 150,000 thousand people attended. Traffic was bad. So if they went Mass pike to 91 South, thats probably what they hit. If they went Mass pike to 84, then it was probably just your typical mass pike traffic.

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