Steffie’s Concert Photos

I made mention on Saturday that Steffie’s photos looked very good at first glance. This weekend I had a chance to take a better look and then run them through some software to enhance them. Steffie took great snapshots. They’re now finished photos.

If I hadn’t done this work, no one would miss it. But, having done it, there’s a difference that’s very noticeable.

Before Steffie and Helaine went to the concert I had posted a question on The response was not what I wanted. Most of the people who replied said I had the wrong lens, there wouldn’t be enough light, it wouldn’t work.

How sweet it is to see them wrong.

I actually went back after the fact and posted some of the pictures so the naysayers could have a look. I don’t want to put them here on the blog, where they won’t fit, but will link to them here as photo 1, 2, and 3.

Now I’m very excited about the camera. Today, when I wanted to take it out and fool around a little in daylight, it was raining hard. I’m looking forward to better sky conditions, and have a few locations staked out in my mind to test the camera’s power.

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