Spam is Bad

Everyone, except those who make their living from it, feel spam is bad. Who wants unsolicited emails offering mortgage advice, sex sites, Viagra (in the Fox family it’s considered a muscle relaxant) and absolutely useful non-accredited Ph D’s?

However, there is one spammer I find sort of funny. Actually I don’t know if it’s an individual spammer or a spamming program that many are using. I do know these spams take random words and random single letters and transforms them into names. The results are poetic. Here are a few examples, culled from my email.

Embryonic H. Rafting

Barred G. Inculcate

Noggin J. Contrariwise

Entailing D. Unblocking

Inwardly L. Extenuated

None of the words are short or common. They lend a certain erudite air to these emails for potency pills or penis enlargment. How can you look at the names and not smile?

They are so obviously phony – why bother at all? I see them as spam as soon as they catch my eye. My spam stopping software is not always as smart.

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