Rooting For Bad Weather

This is so unlike me. I normally anguish as bad weather approaches. Not so tonight. I have my ‘hidden agenda’ – my new camera.

Today, when I went to work, I threw (gingerly) the camera and a tripod in the back of the car. If any thunderstorms came along, I would capture them.

Shooting thunderstorms is a standard procedure for a photographer with a new camera. It makes a neat photo. The other photographers will realize you’re a hack while your friends will marvel at the image!

Capturing the lightning isn’t all that difficult. You need a tripod and a way to keep the shutter open for a long period of time. The film, or digital sensor, should be sensitive enough to see the lightning, but not too sensitive – otherwise the entire background will be burned in.

Oh – you probably want to take the picture from a vantage point where you won’t be struck… just a guess.

Tonight, there were wicked thunderstorms in Connecticut. None were within 25 miles of me. Now, in the early hours of Saturday, more are approaching on the radar. It’s touch and go, but they might miss me again.

I don’t wish anyone harm. I don’t want anyone scared. I just want to take a few pictures.

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