To Go Or Not To Go

Steffie would like to go to New York City this weekend. School is starting and it’s a last chance to go to Canal Street and pick up some fashionable goodies. With a new camera, I’d like to go too. There’s just one problem – The Republican Convention starts Monday!

Normally, when we go into the city, we drive. Will the streets be tied up – or even blocked off? I don’t know… and I’m not sure anyone’s telling.

On the other hand, will New Yorkers do what Bostonians did during the Democratic Convention? They left the city in droves, though Downtown Boston was still a traffic nightmare.

The weather looks like it will cooperate. I’m still unsure – but considering it.

3 thoughts on “To Go Or Not To Go”

  1. hey weather dawg,

    i don’t get. the option to choose we have to go . kerry has to move into her dorm at nyu on saturday. and i have to go in for sirius on monday and wednesday . the security will be fun to observe if they don’t consider me a potential threat. who me?

    really enjoying your daily screed.

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