Why I’m Not Sleeping

We’re supposed to be going to New York City later today. Who knows what kind of traffic or tumult we’ll find? With the Republican National Convention in town, New York is geared up for pretty much anything (except protesters in Central Park).

I was going to bed a little earlier than usual… but then I decided to play cards.

A $5 tournament was starting at midnight. This tournament is a ‘satellite’ to another tournament on Sunday (though if I cash out, I will put the money in my bank and forget the tournament on Sunday).

Of course like most costs in gambling, the real number is hidden. This is a $5 tournament with $5 rebuys and a $5 add-on. Some people rebuy like crazy. It has cost me $15.

Because this tournament is a satellite, it is structured differently than most. Instead of the big winner getting 25% of the pot (or similar amount), the top 17 finishers get a $500 + $30 entry for Sunday (or cash equivalent) and the 18th gets $300.

609 players signed up. I didn’t expect it to last too long – but I was wrong. We are now 4 hours into the game and there are still 45 left. At the moment I’m in 8th place, so I can’t leave… though I wish I could.

If I’m still in when the tournament reaches 17, I’ll sign off and let others finish without me. There are bonus points for doing well in tournaments, but I never have enough to be meaningful.

If I go out between now and 17, I’ll be upset at the time I’ve pissed away.

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