Steffie’s Eye-Pod Problem

Steffie got an Ipod Mini, the beautifully designed Apple portable music player. In order to get it to work (and we still haven’t really figured out what to do on her Windows 98SE computer) I had to register the software.

The instruction said, enter your serial number, it’s on the back of the Ipod. You look&#185! Are they nuts. Even my 17 year old daughter had trouble reading this. I finally put on magnifying goggles. Even then it was a strain.

Would readable type have ruined the effect?

&#185 – I have placed the dime in the shot for size comparison.

One thought on “Steffie’s Eye-Pod Problem”

  1. How did you get iTunes to work on a Win 98 computer? Apple’s website claims it only works on Win 2000 and XP… I’d be interested to know if they’re wrong, because I have a Win 98 computer which could use iTunes.

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