The Hurricane Center Smells the Roses

All afternoon, every time I pointed to the hurricane tracking map, I mentioned how I disagreed with the Hurricane Center’s assessment of top wind speed and forward motion. Friends from within NHC have told me there are many masters to answer to, and sometimes the forecast has political overtones. This is more intramural governmental politics – not Republican/Democratic politics.

Tonight, at the 8:00 PM update they went with numbers more to my liking (as if they care what I think). Hurricane Frances has become a Category 2 storm with top sustained winds of 105 mph.

A few minutes ago I was speaking with a reporter heading toward the storm. Yes, it’s less strong. But don’t compare the 105 mph with 140 mph. Compare the 105 mph with calm!

With this very slow forward motion and 30&#176 Celsius water (about 86&#176) between the Bahamas and Florida it might still intensify.

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