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A few days ago I wrote about a problem with my long distance service. I had been cut off from making calls to the rest of Connecticut. So I called my local telco, told them the problem, and they proceeded to make my intrastate and interstate service work equally well.

Yes – they left intrastate broken and cut me off from interstate long distance too!

I’m sure at some point in the not too distant future this will be worked in. In the meantime there’s something I’ve learned. Though the long distance provider gave me a code that defines my long distance path as 4 digits – 0333 – the local company wanted something that was three letters – UTC, for instance.

I am now on my fourth call to the long distance company – on hold each time. The first time I only waited 11 minutes before hanging up. The next time it was 29 minutes. I am now on hold for 33 minutes and I know one thing for sure… I hate their music on hold!

Actually, in between there were a few times where I called and got a busy signal and other times where I’d get an announcement telling me to hold and then get cut off!

VOIP is looking more and more like a better deal. We’ll get one bill for long distance and local, get all the features and cut our bill in half! I just have to figure out how to get it into our standard wiring.

The next available agent will be with you momentarily. Please remain on the line. I’ve been hearing that for 38 minutes now!

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  1. Geoff, VOIP is the way to go. I’ve been running packet8 for over a year now – with no SNET/SBC phone. My reasons are tied between a> voip is geeky and bleeding edge. b> cheap and c> anything not to give my money to SBC – I have serious issue with them. Not as if not getting my measly chunk of change each month is going to break them, but hopefully more people will stand up against them and other companies they don’t like.

    Anyway, The wiring part is /real/ easy – My house was built in 1820 and is now fully VOIP wired. Simply open up SBC’s box on the outside of your house and unplug the RJ connector. This disconnects your wires from theirs. Then you can take the voice router that your VOIP provider provides you and simply plug it into any unused outlet – or if like me you want a more permanent solution – just wire an outlet in the basement into the wires nearest to where they come into the house – then plug your voice router into there. Thats it. I’m running 4 phones around the house on the device. I couldnt be happier. They even offer phone number portability now so you can keep your phone number. Seriously consider it.

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