24 Hour Toe-ing

How does one get an ingrown toenail? I don’t know. In fact, I called my podiatrist and told him I thought I had one… but I wasn’t really sure what it was. I knew I was in pain. I knew I was limping because any pressure on my foot was painful.

Since he was on the road anyway, he came here. It was an ingrown toenail.

I really had no idea how you get rid of an ingrown toenail, but it started to come into sharper focus when he took out a needle and lydocain. Let there be no doubt, I am a wuss.

I don’t know exactly what went on – I looked away. I do know there was pressure… and blood. Right now my toe is wrapped in gauze. Sometime in the next half hour it will get soaked in warm salty water. Think of it as marinating my toe.

It is interesting to think of our family room as an operatory, with the action taking place on the footrest connected to the reclining section of the sofa!

It surprised me how much effect a small part of one toe could have on my life. Maybe that’s not the typical reaction. Like I said, I’m a wuss.

2 thoughts on “24 Hour Toe-ing”

  1. Toes are very sensitive….I had an in-grown earlier in the year which became infected. I was unable to walk for 10 days. The warm salt water is the best. You may get some minor infection. Let it breathe…plenty of bare-footedness…Plenty of salt water….Hope all is well….

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