Photo Challenge

After making an entry on the DPChallenge website for their Action Team Sports competition (my photo was 15th of 140 submitted) two weeks ago, I couldn’t come up with anything for last week’s challenge.

Now I’m worried the same thing will happen this week. The topic is Wacky Food – and I don’t have a clue what I could shoot.

The contest I enter is for basic editing only – no Photoshop tricks. So, that means I can’t use this shot I just took using some dry ice and a bit of post processing.

2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge”

  1. Wacky food? If you are heading out to the Big E or any of the Fairs this weekend, how about heading down the midway to see what somewhat bizarre snackfoods are out there and photgraph them in process? Like a shot of fried dough being created or a funnel cake bubbling in oil, or cotton candy up close, or….Good luck!

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