Helaine had to drop her car off for some minor scratch removal. I followed in my car and brought her back home. It’s a glorious day with bright sunshine and comfortable temperatures. I had the top down.

As we drove back, radio on&#185, David Bowie’s classic Changes was playing. I looked up to see the first of the leaves beginning to lose their green. They’re on their way to a brief splash of color and then a leaf strewn front yard.

And then Bowie sang:

Time may change me

But I can’t change time

And, of course, that’s the problem with what’s happening in the trees. I can’t change the inevitable – winter is on the way. I revile winter. To me, there is no upside. If I felt, and I don’t, that it was possible to be cold and have fun, it might be a different story.

We’re no more than two months away from snow. Sobering! What’s the upside to snow?

Sure the thermometer is still holding nicely in the 70s but that won’t last. Every day the Sun gets lower in the sky, its rays less effective in warming us.

There is one quirk of nature that gives us some relief. Because of the Earth’s non-circular orbit around the Sun, spring and summer are a week longer than fall and winter. It’s not enough. I want more.

When I lived in Florida, back in the early 70s, I used to laugh when hand lotion and snow tire commercials played. Soon, the laugh will again be on me.

&#185 – I have been told, in no uncertain terms, that driving with the top down and news on the radio only goes to make me a loser. Point taken.

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