My Email Secret

I am on my computer a lot. I check my email at home, I check it at work. In fact, I check my work email at home and vice versa.

I’m sure I’m not alone. I have lots of friends who do the very same thing. I’ve even gotten a response to an email sent to a government employee at 11:00 PM.

That last one was surprising.

I’m a slave to email. I’ll give you that. On the other hand, won’t it seem like I have no life if I’m always connected?

Here’s how I combat that. Often I’ll get email and wait before I answer it. It’s not I can’t – or won’t. I just don’t want to seem too anxious.

Sometimes the delay is a few minutes. Sometimes it’s a few hours.

Of course, if you sent me an email, there’s no way to know because I’m not on 24/7. In other words, sometimes I don’t answer because I’m not on.

I’m not sure why I’m making this admission. Maybe to find out if I’m alone in doing this… or if there are others equally worried about seeming too available.

I’m curious to hear how you feel, though you shouldn’t expect a prompt reply.

5 thoughts on “My Email Secret”

  1. All the time. I feel like I might have a problem. I have far too many accounts too. I have my family account, the joint account with my wife, the work account, the professional account, the buddy account….when will it end? I too wait sometimes to impose some sort of limit on myself. Don’t worry Geoff, I think there are a few of us out here….

  2. You’ve received emails from me so you know how quickly I respond. I do think there needs to be an organization called Emailers Anonymous. Ofcourse if I Google it, it probably already exists.

  3. =), I wouldn’t worry about it, it comes with being a computer geek/nerd/whatever. I say, embrace the wonders of technology, show off your amazing WPM typing skills, have e-mails forwarded to a cellphone or pda when you aren’t at a desktop so you can reply to people in the middle of the night… do it, with gusto!

    Also, you might find this link interesting =>

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