The Internet Boom is Back

A few months ago I started allowing ***** ads on this site. It is an amazing process because they read the content that I’ve written (computer read that is) and place ads that are apropos… well, often apropos, not always.

So, how valuable a property is I am currently averaging $.73 per day in commissions from clicks&#185. As of yesterday, I passed the $100 mark, meaning at some point soon ***** will be sending me a check.

This $100 actually covers the cost of my web hosting service, so it ends up being pretty much a wash.

Meanwhile, if I’m making $.73 per day, imagine what a site with loads of traffic could produce. Yes, the Internet bubble burst, but those who held on may finally see a payday.

&#185 – It is my understanding that I can’t talk about this ad program on my website, so I’ve sanitized the specifics. Meanwhile, there is a tendency for friends to want to click an ad and get me additional pennies. Please don’t, unless you would have as a normal course of visiting a website. It is much more interesting for me to watch this in a ‘pure’ environment.

2 thoughts on “The Internet Boom is Back”

  1. Hmm, why did you replace ***** with *****? Yes I obscure it too, lest I speak an unspeakable evil and unleash the curse you are avoiding.

  2. I think that the company yet to be named allows you to talk about the fact that you use them, but nothing more – so if you’re saying you actually made money off of them, you might already be in trouble! 😉

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