Is Enya Gonya?

My long distance phone tsuris took on an additional wrinkle when I got a note from Sprint… welcoming me as a long distance customer! Hello? I never called Sprint or asked to be changed.

I called Sprint. All they knew was I was being charged $.40 per minute and owed around $40! Oh – they couldn’t help me unravel this… but if I changed to them they’d pro-rate me to $.05 per minute (I’m paying under $.03). I’d have to commit for 90 days. Isn’t that extortion?

It was getting ridiculous. Call after call after call to GTC Telecom went unanswered. I have spent at least 4 hours, maybe more, on hold to them. I have heard more Enya music on hold than any human should be subjected to.

Lucky they get a good rate on their 800 number.

I decided to give it one more try at 3:00 AM EDT. I figured it was too late for Easterners to call… and getting late for most of the West Coast. It paid off. Within ten minutes I was on the phone to India and speaking with Andrea.

As with Keith the last time, Andrea is probably not her real name. For some reason these outsourcing companies feel we’ll be reassured if at least the name rings American… even if the accent and speech patterns don’t.

Andrea was wonderful She was calm, polite, seemingly concerned. She was the Stepford wife of customer service agents.

I want to complain about her, about my interminable wait, about the Enya music on hold… but she was totally disarming. And, she said she’d take care of everything.

I’ll report back. I’m not shy.

2 thoughts on “Is Enya Gonya?”

  1. Geoff…You must love the calls to the overseas reps. To think that some of these firms are in countries that are on terrorist watch lists. They have access to all of our personal information.

    The best thing about it…They have so many phone lines bundled together in one cable, that at times, your call will cross onto another conversation, and your repair issue with GTC will become a troubleshoot for your AOL account.

    Good luck…

  2. Geoff,

    Did you ever look at Vonage? If you are still trying to resolve this matter in a month, maybe you should give it a go!!

    Drop me an email if you’d like some positive customer recommendations!


    Ps. I dont work for Vonage, and thought it would be lousy. I thought wrong!

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