The Great Compromise

Every time I see George Bush or John Kerry on TV, I have an incredible urge to do one thing… jump up and down and say,

2 thoughts on “The Great Compromise”

  1. The person who runs suggests on the Electoral College page ( that increasing the size of the House would help the big states/small states problem, and it would only require the passage of a law, rather than a constitutional amendment (to get rid of the Electoral College).

    Of course, the winner-take-all problem would still be up to the states to fix (or not).

  2. Keep an eye on Colorado this year. There’s a referendum on the Colorado ballot which would allocate the state’s electoral votes proportionately to the actual vote in the state. Not only will put Colorado back in play (instead of a lock for Bush), it could also make it this year’s Florida since there are likely to be court challenges to this if it passes.

    There’s a pretty good overview in this Denver Post story:,1413,36~75~2422386,00.html

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