Ashlee Effect Gone

My new found traffic related to the Ashlee Simpson lip syncing story is now gone. After I posted my entry on Sunday morning, this website became Google’s 4th result for “Ashlee Simpson Saturday Night Live Lip Sync.” Now that same search leaves me on the third page!

Monday saw 19,970 visitors. At the pace I’m going, today will be back to around 1,000.

My original entry from Sunday has a Google ranking – 0 of 10. My homepage is a 5 of 10. Though everyone starts out equally on the net, the big sites are considered more important and do rank higher.

It was fun while it lasted.

One thought on “Ashlee Effect Gone”

  1. Aw hell Geoff, I found your site intriguing and fun enough to come back for a repeat visit. And now I’m posting. Why not? I do not understand people who do not like to give feedback or chat. Of course this personal quality gets me into trouble sometimes. Oh well, nothing ventured … nothing reprimanded.

    Looks like Ashlee Simpson humiliated herself and tried to (1) lie about it and (2) make a joke of it. I definately recommend the latter choice when making a major fool of oneself.

    The talentless Ashlee Simpson coupled with the current elections gets me thinking on the topic of lying. I do not think that lying has to be a bad thing but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Where? I don’t know. I guess it depends on a person’s integrity.

    Do you think politicians consider themselves liars or just “euphemistic craftsmen?” If a person lies, is it still considered a lie if they have convinced themselves that it is the truth?

    Aren’t we all liars? I mean, there has to be a few white lies told by many people on any given day. For example, a wife asks a husband if she could stand to lose some weight. The husband, not wanting to sleep outside and thinking that his wife’s rotund body is pleasing, says, “no, you are fine.” Does he not? When your neighbor asks you to help move a piano up a flight of stairs and you say, “no problem, any time,” isn’t that a lie? How do you differentiate between a lie that’s gone to far and an acceptable lie? Or… are all lies bad, period? Just giving you something to ponder.

    I have oral surgery tomorrow. My wisdom teeth are going to be extracted. I will lie and tell the dentist “thank you.”

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